Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Other Side

The band member line up consisted of:

Billy Gaida - Rhythm Guitar
Leroy Materanek - Drums
John Wells - Bass
Terry Wells - Vocals (John's sister)
Gary Vancleave - Organ
Tobias Henderson - Lead Guitar/Vocals

The Other Side was a psychedelic rock band from Victoria that started up circa late 1965 and disbanded at some point in late 67.
They were a hard working band during their short run and would frequently play in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Victoria.
They played shows with lots of Texas greats including: The Playboys of Edinburg, Zakary Thaks, The Moving Sidewalks, etc.
One notable fact about this band is that it included a high school aged Tobias Wood Henderson, who went on to move out to California and release a solo album called "Blue Stone" on the Pulsar label in 1970.
Tobias had previously led a band called Tobias & The Sounds who had a 45 out on the Picture label.

In the fall of 1966, the band went out to Houston to record at ACA studios. This session yielded two songs which they released as a 45 on their own Warlock Records imprint.
Here are the known session dates:

ACA Session - Oct 15, 66
ACA 6250 I Can't See You
ACA 6251 Your Faith So Strong

Unissued Jones Sound Session - May 13, 67
Run & Hide
Under My Thumb
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
Hey Joe

My Little Red Book

This second session may not have been the same band, but likely is.

"I Can't See You"
"Your Faith So Strong"

Post updated July 6th 2016.

Thanks to Leroy Materanek and Andy Brown for the ACA session info.
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