Monday, October 3, 2011

The Edison Expansion

A psychedelic group that was formed in Waco 1969 in the wake of The Society and various other local groups disbanding. This group only lasted for about a year.

In the photo of Edison Expansion left to right are: Gloria Evans, Ron Evans-Bass, Roy Walker-Lead Vocals, Debbie Rogers, Jack Rogers-friends, Buzz Gilleland-Keyboards, Bill Gammage-Drums with girlfriend.

From Buzz Gilleland:

"This band played a lot of Rock and Soul music and covered The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Sam and Dave, Otis Redding, etc."

"The band was regularly accompanied by our existing light show produced by Gillian and now Erick Knapp. (Fred’s younger brother)  Psychedelic images were now projected on a 10 X20 foot screen behind the band."

Member lineup was:
Roy Walker – Lead Vocals, Buzz Gilleland – Keyboard, Alan Schornack – Lead Guitar, Ron Evans – Bass, Steve Stewart – Drums.  Later on Alan Schornack and Steve Stewart left the group and were replaced by David Blanton – Lead Guitar and Bill Gammage – Drums.

There are no known recordings of this band.

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