Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Roks

The Roks from Waco, TX are the only known teen group on the Mark VII label that I have not been able to identify all the members of.
What I do know is this:
Milton Kirkpatrick was the vocalist of the group. Ronnie Rogers was the bassist.
Though Milton passed away years ago, I was able to speak with Ronnie briefly: he could not remember the names of the other band members, only that they were older and were attending Baylor University at the time.
He recalls going into the studio and being disappointed that they only recieved a box of records afterwards and were offered absolutely no promotion.
A few locals recall seeing this band at a battle of the bands event at the skating rink.
These guys must've been fairly hip, as both of their cover choices on the their lone 45 record are both just a little outside the scope of your average small town Texas garage band.
One side is a searing rendition of the Leaves version of "Hey Joe." The other side, even more surprising, is a nice cover of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's jangle pop gem "Transparent Day."

"Hey Joe"

"Transparent Day"

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  1. Did you found out anything about the Steps Beyond?

    1. Yes! I need to post a bit of info on them...

  2. Milton Kirkpatrick of The Roks was my dad.

    1. Hello! I would love to speak with you if you ever care to talk! Drop me a line at shape3 at