Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Rebels

Boasting one of my favorite 1960's band portraits, The Rebels were a teen band from Marlin, TX (same as The Wullabies- see my first post). 
They started sometime circa 1966 and folded around 1969.
According to original member Keith Alston, the band went into Chuck Harding's recording studio around 1967 and recorded and released a 45 record. If this is true, it would be a complete unknown in the TRC (Texas Recording Company) label catalog. Very enticing, as the band certainly looks like they could've issued a nice garage rocker.
No one in the group seems to still own a copy of this recording, and details are foggy.
Does anyone out there know anything else about this recording?

Band members were:
Kevin Alston - ace tone organ
Keith Alston - drums
Eddie Verevoski - bass
Joe Falco - guitar
Nick Labarbera - vocals

Thanks to Keith for the info! Anyone with additional knowledge about this group or the record they recorded, please drop me a line at shape3 (at)

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