Monday, February 10, 2014

The Synthetic Sound

Here's a mystery record on Lamar McDaris' Pot Records label… Its by a group called The Synthetic Sound. There's a producer credit of A. Dicroce on the label side with the band's original composition- a pleasant sax-laden ballad called "I Must Go". The flip is a wild n wooly cover version of "Proud Mary".
No one Ive spoken to thus far from the Del Rio scene seems to recall who these guys were. Perhaps they were a group from nearby Eagle Pass? or from Uvalde? Maybe Crystal City? Or was this a short lived group with some of the guys from Thee or Chocolate Grapevine?
The deadwax on the record has a Texas Sound Studio code number of 691202, indicating a pressing made on December 2nd, 1969. This is Pot Records catalog number 1002.

"I Must Go"

"Proud Mary"

If anyone knows who these guys were or even played with them, drop me an email at: shape3 "at"

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