Friday, July 8, 2016

The Pendeltons

Here's another mystery band, possibly from San Antonio.

They recorded at least one 45 on the Alamo Audio custom imprint, ran by Jim Ridgeway.

Both sides are cover versions. One is a cover of a Carole King/Gerry Goffin composition first popularized by The Cookies called "Chains." Presumably The Pendeltons were inspired by The Beatles version, which came out on their first UK album "Please Please Me."

The flip side is a cover of "Mustang Sally," which I would assume they heard from the 1966 cover rendition that the Young Rascals released, though it is quite possible they heard the Wilson Pickett version first.

"Mustang Sally"


Anyone out there know anything about this group? Drop me a line at shape3 "at"


  1. Hi, 'Chains" is on both uploads.....I'm interested to hear "Mustang Sally"...Thanx, Skip

    1. Ah! I have that problem often, for some reason my html code gets switched on me when I update an entry to where both songs are the same! Just fixed... Enjoy their version of "Mustang Sally"! Not half bad...

    2. Thank You....Looking forward to MORE "Texas Toughies" in the future!!...Skip