Monday, June 12, 2017

The Capers

Here's another mystery band on the same Austin based custom label as the incredible Merlynn Tree 45: Dixietone Records.

I once spoke to a person over email who told me this group was based in the small town of Marble Falls, located just under an hours drive north west of Austin.

I believe the two songwriter credits were a Jim W. Wyatt and a James R. McMurry.

"Ghost Walk"

The group captures a ghostly otherworldly feel on both sides of this 45. "Marie" is a dreamy ballad about losing your love at sea. The flip is a great reverb laden surf guitar instrumental called "Ghost Walk".

There is an additional 45 that may be related. It is also on Dixietone records, but has a totally different label design. The band name on this record is The Swingsters. The songwriting credit is a J.D. Wyatt. Both tunes totally sound like they could have been recorded by the same band as the "Ghost Walk" 45. However, the recording quality is extra crude on the Swingsters record. Sounds like it was recorded in someone's living room!

"Southern Drums"
"Scotland Yard"

I would LOVE to hear from anyone who remembers or played in this group!

Many thanks to Erik Carter for gifting me the copy of The Capers 45! I could use an upgrade if anyone out there has a cleaner copy!


  1. Label design is more like Dixietone label out of (MO)

    1. Thanks for the input... It certainly looks nothing like the Texas label. What other records are on the MO based Dixietone label?